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AUTHENTIC Chuparrosa! Wildcrafted! + Chuparosa + Flowers, Leaves, & Stems + Currently in Season! Limited Supply + Short Growing Season

AUTHENTIC Chuparrosa! Wildcrafted! + Chuparosa + Flowers, Leaves, & Stems + Currently in Season! Limited Supply + Short Growing Season

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We’re offering authentic, dried, hand-selected Chuparosa. We wildcrafted this mix in the middle of the desert. Most practitioners don’t offer real chuparosa for sale in their products because it’s difficult to obtain.⁣
Chuparosa is the Spanish name for hummingbird, and it’s translation is rose sucker. Chuparosa can help bring true, honest love. It is often used when one already has a lover or partner. It can bring fidelity and loyalty to a marriage and improve marital relations. Communication can improve through the use of chuparosa as well.⁣⁣⁣
Chuparosa is different than other love herbs in that it focuses on kindness and honesty in a relationship. It isn’t usually in coercive or dominating trabajos, unless added to an amarre or chupamiento with a dried hummingbird or chuparrosa. We don’t recommend using hummingbirds because they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
The Mayans considered the hummingbird the ancient deity of love, passion, and marriage. In Mexican magia, the hummingbird is a symbol of love, sex, and partnerships. In Mexico, love matters have been associated with hummingbirds since Aztec belief stated that when one passes, one of their souls (teyolia) left the heart as a hummingbird.⁣⁣⁣
Here’s a Mexican love incantation one can use with chuparosa:⁣⁣⁣

Al Poder de la Chuparosa⁣

Divina Chuparosa, ⁣
tu que por el Poder divino ⁣
endulzas y alegras las cosas⁣
quiero que endulces ⁣
mi vida y alegres mi corazon⁣
ya que por tu divina intercession ⁣
he de venecar a mi amado(a)⁣
y solo sea para mi⁣
y asi como chupas la miel de las flores, ⁣
chupa la sal y mala suerte que tengo, ⁣
y asi en todo vencer, ⁣
novenario te he de hacer, ⁣
para que tu no me divides y me traigas ⁣
al ser amado fiel y lleno de amor.

The Power of the Hummingbird

Divine Hummingbird,⁣⁣
who enriches and glorifies ⁣⁣
everything with your Holy Power,⁣⁣
I ask that you enrich my life and love ⁣⁣
with your Divine Intercession⁣⁣
so that my lover ⁣⁣
will want only me⁣⁣
in the same way that you extract honey from flowers,⁣⁣
extract all misfortune and bad luck ⁣⁣
from my life; ⁣⁣
I pray you will not forget me, ⁣⁣
so that my lover and I may share a relationship⁣⁣
that is honest and true.⁣⁣

Herbs are often used for fixing candles, dressing workings, and stuffing doll babies and mojo bags.

The bag weighs approximately 0.1, 0.5, or 2 oz and contains wildcrafted ingredients that are often associated with gentle love. It includes Chuparosa flowers, leaves, and stems.

It pairs well with our Chuparosa Oil, which is not included.


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