Light skinned woman with shoulder length red hair and black shirt

Jennifer Medway descends from generations of Angelenos raised in Lynwood, CA, which is next to Compton. Jennifer began practicing the occult and esoteric arts at a tender young age when her mother gave her a tarot deck. Rootwork and hoodoo run in Jennifer’s family in Louisiana. Her mother’s cousin, Maybelline, was a professional rootworker whom locals called The Swamp Witch. Jennifer carries on her family tradition and works as a rootworker, Sancista, Yaya Nkisi Malongo, witch, ceremonial magician and Reiki Master at her company Serpentine Spiritual Arts. She has celebrity clients (including New York Times #1 bestselling novelists, award-winning musicians, poets, models, artists, scientists, and winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race) and international clients as far as South America, Europe, Africa, Canada, Australia, and Thailand. She trained with some of the top occult professionals internationally and is a member of Ordo Templi Orientis. Jennifer presented Working with Santa Muerte during the Dr. Daisy L. Machado lecture at Vanderbilt University. She is researching the occult sciences and folklore while a master’s candidate. Jennifer attended Stanford, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, where she earned her BA in English. She has published spiritual poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction in several journals, including Cornell’s Rainy Day and Goddess and the Moon Metaphysical Journal. Jennifer is also a successful equestrian with many championships, and her students have won five state championships.

Jennifer has given occult presentations at Starwood, Pantheacon, WitchCon, Gather the Witches, Kaleidoscope Gathering, Paganicon, Sirius Rising, DragonFest, WitchsFest, The Witches Gathering, Pagan Unity Festival, Los Angeles Pagan Pride, Philadelphia Pagan Pride, Chicago Pagan Pride, Puget Sound Pagan Pride, Nashville Pagan Pride, and New Orleans Pagan Pride.


 Yaya Lango Lango

I’m based in Los Angeles, California, but I spent the first half of my life in the South, calling Nashville my home for 20 years. It’s there where I pursued both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees, graduating in 2011 with a Master's of Education with an emphasis in Mental Health Counseling. I also completed a Master's of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon.

I bring my love for wellness and spirituality into the counseling and coaching settings by focusing on holistic healing. Focusing on all components of wellness is the only way to fully become whole and healthy.

I have extensive education in nutrition, aromatherapy, essential oils, spirituality, and energy healing. I’m baptized in Sanse (Puerto Rican Vodou) and am a Yaya Nkisi Malongo in Palo Mayombe. I’m also an Access Bars, Usui Reiki II and a Holy Fire Reiki II practitioner, and am certified in level 1 Energy Psychology, a treatment that has been proven effective for reducing or eliminating the body's response to trauma, pain, addiction, habits, anxiety, and many other mental health and day-to-day issues.