Serpentine Spiritual Arts offers authentic and energetically potent creations that assist with manifestation. Sancista Jennifer Medway handcrafts her spiritual products with the assistance and support of her life partner, Yaya Lango Lango (who is a Licensed Professional Counselor). Her wares include unique, handmade Vodou or Voodoo, conjure, hoodoo, witchcraft, Santa Muerte, brujeria, and ceremonial magick ritual tools, oils, bone and curio divination collections, blessed spirit jewelry and amulets, fixed candles, spell kits, and other occult supplies and folk art. She uses only the finest, highest vibration ingredients that are organic when possible and decorations that often include quality gemstones and Czech glass beads. Sancista Jennifer blesses and charges the items on altars through prayers and rituals for at least nine to fourteen days and creates them during spirit feast days or using auspicious astrological timing.