Papa Candelo

On November 4th, we honored Papa Candelo or Candelo Cedife, which is one of his seven paths.⁣ Papa Candelo Cedife or El Viejo Candelo is syncretized with St. Charles Borromeo and is the leader of the fire division. The Fire division contains warrior and fire mysteries. This division assists in hex reversal, justice, revenge, court cases, cleansing, protection, and improving business or work. We serve this division with the color red. ⁣

Papa Candelo is a safer spirit for noninitiates to serve in our tradition, but we recommend receiving guidance from a Sancista on how to serve him. We serve him with cigars, red cake, and shots of brandy or rum. We also light Florida Water fires for him, which we don’t recommend for safety reasons.⁣ He loves fireworks, roosters, dancing, women, dominoes, and dice games. He’s friends with Belie Belcan. We work with Papa Candelo for protection, luck, healing, wisdom, business, courage, and uncrossing. He can be angered if not shown respect.⁣ He’s wise and can give great advice. He favors discipline, organization, responsibility, perseverance, and creating a plan to accomplish goals. Though he teaches the importance and value of hard work, he also enjoys parties.