Ogou Balendyo

Ogou Balendyo is syncretized with San Santiago or Saint James, and their feast day is July 25th. He’s the leader of the Ogou division, an older man who rides a white horse, and married to Metres Ezili Freda. Together, they represent the balance of feminine and masculine energies. He’s both a military man and a doctor, so he’s disciplined, strict, traditional, a father figure, and doesn’t like chaos. He demands respect, and the consequences for disrespecting him can be severe.

Ogou set up the rules governing the 21 Divisiones. These contain the secrets that make this spiritual work effective. He’s a healer who works with his hands and can manifest miraculous cures. He can neutralize poison. He helps the downtrodden and marginalized.

He’s very protective of his children and will fight for them as long as they serve him. He accepts a machete, glass of red wine, cigar, white flowers, rice pudding, clear rum, blue candles, and sometimes patron. His colors are blue, white, and red, though some give him light blue candles. Ogou Balendyo is a cool spirit and will accept water instead of dark liquor and other offerings on Wednesdays with the Nago spirits.