Metres Ezili is a spirit of romantic love, marriage, healing, purity, wealth, luck, self love, writers, unconditional love, and mental health. She is the most beautiful Metresa. In Haitian Vodou, her full name is Metres Mambo Ezili Freda Daome. She is syncretized with Mater Dolorosa. She is also called Metresili in Sanse (Puerto Rican Vodou) and 21 Divisions. Some consider her the patroness lwa of gay men.

Metres Ezili is a spirit to approach for assistance with luxury, beauty, love, abundance, prosperity, clairvoyance, and writing. It is best to serve her on Thursday (her sacred day) and on her feast day of September 15th. She enjoys luxurious offerings of pink roses, perfumes, chocolates, jewelry, soaps, mirrors, and hand towels. She is partial to Chanel No. 5, gold rings, Lotion Pompeia, and the colors light pink, white, gold, and light blue. She also accepts offerings of orange juice, milk, pink champagne, Royal Bain de Caron perfume, grenadine, basil, and fruit.

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