Belie´ Belcan


Belie Becan is syncretized with Saint Michael the Archangel, and their feast day is on September 29th. Belie Belcan defeats enemies, brings justice, and defends truth. Saint Michael and Belie Belcan are safe for noninitiates to work with.

To serve Belie Belcan, start by placing his image or statue with a glass of rum and a cigar. He can show how to prepare a resguardo for protection. Revocations or revocaciones are worked with him to return evil to its source or sender. Anyone can do this working with him for reversing and defense, especially when under spiritual attack. He is very protective of his children but quick to punish them for misdeeds.

He also works closely with Candelo or Anaisa Pye, whom you can place him next to because some say they’re married. He’s a gentleman to women and speaks with a low voice even though he’s high ranking.

Belie Belcan is the leader of the Justice or Air division. We serve him on Sunday with red and green apples, rum, water, red, green, and blue candles, and the colors red, green, blue, and sometimes yellow.