La Madama

La Madama isn’t one spirit but refers to a well-respected group of spirits in Espiritismo. The Madamas were healers, rootworkers, and midwives who are ascended spirit guides. Her tools include a broom to sweep away crossed conditions, a knife for protection and to pin down enemies, a pack of La Baraja Española for fortune telling, a wooden cross for power, and chalk or cornmeal for marking magical symbols. She can perform cleansing, blessing, road opening, money, and success rituals for clients.

The Madamas have a vast knowledge of herbalism and home remedies. They could enter any jungle or brush area and locate the correct herb for a working. Each Madama will tell you what she wants, but their offerings generally include molasses, whiskey, brown sugar, glass of water, candles, flowers, coffee, tobacco, cowrie shells, rice, fruit, bread, and a basket full of healing herbs.

Here is a prayer for La Madama: Oh Madama, I humbly invoke your sublime holy spirit. Lady of waters, I invoke you by your name. I invoke you as my fortress of protection and by the virtues bestowed upon you by God, intercede on my behalf. Liberate me from all that is evil, and bring only righteousness and goodness on my path. May the light of God illuminate my home and all that I hold sacred. Oh Madama, liberate me from tormented souls, and may those who wish me ill repent and come asking for forgiveness from the offense they may have done against me. May the pathway be clear and smooth. May your Ascended Spirit guide me and may all evil be banished from my life. Amen.