Baron del Cementerio

When situations are extremely negative and appear to be dark all around you, revoke all psychic attack, evil eye, and witchcraft with the power of Baron del Cementerio. Use our Baron candle with the Saint ElÍas revocation prayer and ask for his help and guidance.

On July 20th, we celebrated the feast day of San Elias del Monte Carmelo (Saint Elijah) and Baron del Cementerio. In Sanse (Puerto Rican Vodou), each lwa syncretizes with a Catholic saint. Baron of the Cemetery is syncretized with Saint Elijah or San Elias, which is why they have the same feast day. Baron’s other feast day is November 2nd or All Souls’ Day. He is the leader of the Ghede, black, or cemetery division. He is similar to Baron Samedi who is syncretized with Saint Martin of Porres or Saint Expedite in Haitian Vodou. In Sanse, Saint Martin represents Gede Kafou.⁣

Baron is a judge who’ll aid those who are innocent. He helps to reverse hexes, bring back lost lovers, open or close roads, destroy enemies, and remove obstacles. He’s a great ally who can bring wealth and is also a healer. Baron is often invoked to save people from death. Baron assists with fertility and anything having to do with healing and protecting children. He’s also very psychic and prophetic. His symbol is the cross, which represents where the material and spiritual planes meet. He’s served with the colors black, white, and sometimes red or purple. He also accepts rum, roasted peanuts, gin, black beans and rice, peppers, cigars, fried plantains, money, popcorn, coconut, and cold black coffee. We serve him and the rest of the cemetery division on the floor.⁣