Papa Legba

Papa Legba is the Lwa who rules the crossroads and is gatekeeper to the Lwa. He controls the entrance and departure of the Lwa into and out of the peristyle. Papa Legba assists with opening roads, removing obstacles, gaining employment, locating lost objects, and bringing blessings, prosperity, and luck. He is saluted as the keeper of the gate and master of all crossroads, which is where the spirit and human realm intersect. He is also known for closing roads when he feels neglected or angry. He is the divine trickster and represents transformation.

Papa Legba is synced with Saint Anthony of Padua in Sanse (Puerto Rican Vodou) and Saint Lazarus in Haitian Vodou. Saint Lazarus is synched with Papa Legba Viejo in Sanse and can also be on a Papa Legba altar along with Elegua. We also serve certain Orisha in Sanse.