St. Jude

Saint Jude may help when all doors seem closed, all other options have failed, and where one is in need of a miracle. He is even able to offer protection against enemies and heal some mental health issues. Consider our Saint Jude spiritual oil or herbs for seemingly impossible cases and when all else has failed.

Saint Jude is the most venerated canonized saint in Mexico. He is the patron of lost causes and is often invoked for miraculous healing and petitions made in desperation. Saint Jude is the only Catholic saint to have a monthly feast day, which occurs on the 28th of the month in Mexico. Thousands attend the monthly celebrations, including marginalized teens who are often drug users. Many believe Saint Jude heals substance users and can end their addiction. Though addicts also claim that if they pray to him for more drugs that they’ll receive them. Thieves say that they are rarely caught if they have Saint Jude’s protection. Many ask Saint Jude to perform miracles that don’t fall under Christian beliefs of morality. Some believe that when Saint Jude holds a staff in his left hand, he will consider petitions that he wouldn’t normally grant.

Saint Jude's colors are green, white, red, and yellow or gold. His favorite offerings are water, candles, jarritos, incense, money, and flowers (often red and white roses). The best day to serve Saint Jude is on Sunday, and his annual feast day is October 28th. He often works quickly or at the final moment. Saint Jude is often referred to as a cool spirit who is less reactive to any slight or disrespect, such as not fulfilling promises to him.