St. Sebastian

In Catholicism, Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of archers, athletes, soldiers, law enforcement, and a holy death. In folk Catholicism, he is often considered to be the patron saint of gay men, whom he offers protection and guidance while granting petitions. He survived being shot with arrows and was twice martyred, so he’s able to bring healing, victory, endurance, and strength. He can clear one’s path forward toward justice and break down obstacles in court cases. In folk Catholicism, one may work with him on Tuesdays, and his color is read.

Saint Sebastian is also synched with the Lwa Centinela Kriminal of the Justice Division. He can help catch criminals and bring justice. His colors are dark green, red, and brown. He accepts offerings of raw rum, white clear rum, cigars, and sharp objects such as razor blades, nails, pins, and glass shards. We also light fires for him, including setting Florida Water on fire.