On December 4th, we celebrated the feast day of Saint Barbara and Chango. Chango’s other feast day is November 2nd or all Soul’s Day. He has a punto in the cemetery division, so we include him with the Gede.

In Sanse (Puerto Rican Vodou), each spirit syncs with a Catholic saint. Chango is syncretized with Saint Barbara. We recognize Saint Barbara as different Misterios. Saint Barbara spends six months as a male and six months as a female. Because of this, Saint Barbara protects those who are transgender, cross dressers, or drag queens.

When Saint Barbara is a male, she is the spirit Chango. Chango is a spirit of protection, magick, and wealth. He can assist in any battle since he is a very powerful warrior. For this purpose, we use the image of Saint Barbara riding a horse. We also frequently use the image of Chango Macho to represent this path or punto of Saint Barbara. As a spirit of luck, wealth, and prosperity, we often petition Chango Macho for help in business, employment, and gambling luck. Chango can help one overcome challenges that seem impossible.

In her female form, we recognize her as Ezili Shango Pye. She is a formidable warrior who is also able to help one attain love and with relationship issues. We can call upon her to bring passion to a relationship. In dreams, she often appears as an Indian or indigenous woman, who has large round brown eyes, olive skin, and wears a long white dress. She wears a red mantle over this dress and a crown often.

In all of her puntos, we serve her with the colors red and white. She enjoys receiving red apples, bananas, mangos, and papaya. She also loves red flowers.