The Virgin of Guadalupe

Yesterday, December 12th, we spent the day praying and giving offerings at this beautiful church near our home, and we gave offerings and prayed at our home altar for La Guadalupana.⁣

We celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day and created an oil for both her and Tonantzin. The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to a Nahua man named Juan Diego in December 1531 on Tepeyac Hill, north of Mexico City, where there was a shrine dedicated to the female Aztec earth deity Tonantzin.⁣

One can work with Guadalupe as the patroness of Mexicans, an Indigenous spirit, or for women’s issues. Those with Mexican or indigenous heritage can call on her for help as their patroness even when working with other spirits. In Sanse, we refer to her as La India. Women can work with her for pregnancy or childbirth. She helps with difficulty getting pregnant or experiencing a difficult pregnancy. She also helps with female healing such as female organs or female health issues.⁣

Her offerings include tamales, tequila, marigolds, tortillas, and pink, red, and white roses. She accepts green, pink, red, and white candles.⁣