Oshún is an African orisha of love from Nigeria or Yorùbáland. She is the spirit of attraction, marriage, commitment, luxury, prosperity, abundance, clarity, diplomacy, unconditional love, and seduction. She rules over money and the rivers. Ochún can help with feeling more beautiful and sensual, attracting attention, becoming magnetic and spiritually and physically attractive, bringing a marriage-minded partner or commitment to an existing relationship, increasing wealth, soothing sadness or loneliness, and drawing love and kindness from people in general. Her day of the week is Friday or Saturday, depending on the ilè, and her number is five. Her colors are yellow, gold, amber, and sometimes coral. Some of her favorite offerings are honey, sunflowers, oranges, mirrors, cinnamon, and pumpkins.

In Sanse (Puerto Rican Vodou), each spirit syncretizes with a Catholic saint. Ochun syncretizes with Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre, the patron saint of Cuba. We work with both the lwa and the orisha in Sanse.